Top 10 local ingredients Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island famed for its year-long sunshine, temperate climate, it’s vast and varied landscapes and of course, it’s coastlines and beaches

Based on the islands perpetual sunshine and geographic location it also provides a plethora of delicious foods from both land and sea to add a touch of Canarian culture to any yacht galley. 

In this article we’ve listed our Top 10 must-try Canarian foods. 

Papas Arrugadas

This delicious dish is translated as ‘wrinkled potatoes’ but don’t let the translation put you off.  Potatoes historically came to the island from America and began to be cultivated in the volcanic lands giving native potatoes a characteristic flavour. Cooked with their skins on with coarse salt, the potatoes are then served with the all-important Mojo, which is served as rojo (red) and verde (green). The punchy sauce is comprised of olive oil, parsley, garlic, coriander, cumin, paprika and salt to provide a spicy and intense flavour.

Moray Eel

As an island, Lanzarote is of course equally as famed for its fish as it is for its sunshine. The Moray Eel is a slightly more unusual addition to your menu and is typically purchased fresh or dried. The fresh eel is prepared by cutting it into small portions, frying until crispy and is served on a bed of a tomatoey bean stew.


Another delicacy from Lanzarote’s rich waters are limpets, small marine molluscs which are divinely delicious when cooked with garlic, parsley, salt, olive oil and white wine.


Bienmesabe is a straightforward recipe to prepare for a perfect after-dinner treat. A very sweet Canarian dessert made with almonds, eggs, sugar and lemon, Bienmesabe is very common to serve with ice cream for a true taste of the Canaries. 


This is an iconic Canarian dish with an ancient origin. Historically Canarian indigenous people, from North Africa, cultivated cereals of which the grains were roasted and then ground, creating a kind of flour that they called gofio. Today Canarian still prepare gofio in a number of ways including mixing it with milk; as part of many desserts, as a pastry or mixed into fish soup (gofio escaldado).

Puchero canario

Another Canarian icon, Puchero canario is a traditional stew typically made with chunks of meat (pork, chicken), chorizo sausages, fat, chickpeas, corn, green beans, carrots, cabbage, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, potatoes, courgettes, and pears.  This delicious stew is often seasoned with a combination of garlic, cumin, and saffron giving it an unforgettable flavour and aroma. 

Marinated tuna

Lanzarote’s coastline is brimming with vast species of fish, chief among which is tuna. The fish is typically marinated and cooked with a mash made from garlic, pepper, bay leaves, paprika, oil, thyme, oregano, vinegar and salt. The result is a rich and aromatic dish which makes the most of the islands juicy Tuna meat. 

Potaje de Trigo y millo

This curious and authentic stew dish is made with white wheat alongside vegetables and Pork rib. The stew is very nutritious, an ideal accompaniment to a day of hiking or cycling.


Rabbit meat is commonly consumed in Lanzarote and is a meat you will find served at many restaurants and cooked in a variety of ways. Fried, and served with sliced potatoes and garlic this unique and gamey meat has a gorgeous flavour and is one not to be missed. 

Vieja Canaria (Local fish)

Whether served baked, grilled, pan-fried or in a fish pie, locally caught seabass is the ideal dinner party fish. Vieja Canaria is also commonly served alongside Papas Arrugadas which are cooked in seawater to provide a truly authentic taste of the ocean. 

For Yacht Chefs, Lanzarote provides a diverse and interesting array of foods and recipes, to have access the best locations on the island to purchase ingredients for provisioning, contact our concierge service.

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