Volcano Visits


The beauty of Lanzarote lies in its warm geology and even warmer people. Dormant Volcanoes, cliffs, caves, beaches, coladas, Jameos, calderas and islets have made this island a very unique place geologically in the Atlantic. Whether you are stopping off to refuel your superyacht before heading to America or the Caribbean, or plan to stay a little longer, we recommend you take time to appreciate and enjoy this volcanic landscape.

Exploring the volcanos is like taking a walk on the Moon. This formation originated after the last violent volcanic eruptions in the south of Lanzarote between 1730 and 1736 resulting in the creation of the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya. This area has a deserted beauty, and a variety of colours that astound visitors. Eclectic art and sculptures accent the landscape designed and built by the islands legendary art in nature ambassador Cesar Manrique.

Manrique continues to shape your journey as you visit Islote de Hilario, which stands tall from a 200-square-kilometre sea of hardened lava.

With deep natural craters bringing the heat of the earth closer to the surface, Cesar designed El Diablo, a restaurant and a work of art where the kitchen furnace uses the natural heat of the earth to cook dishes right under your feet, ten metres deep, at almost 300 degrees. There are self-guided trails that are close to Caleros marina or we can arrange a private tour and dining experience for you.

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