Year round yachting climate

Summer and superyachts are a match made in heaven and Lanzarote enjoys a warm, sunny climate throughout the year, with temperatures averaging around 21ºC or 70ºF. It rarely rains, humidity is low and the hottest days of summer rarely exceed 29ºC or 85ºC giving this most eastern Canary Island close to perfect weather conditions whenever you plan to visit.

October to May is considered the winter season but with a paltry 200 mm of rain per year across the whole island of Lanzarote, and temperatures still in the 20’s, you will start to understand where the name Islands of eternal spring came from.

White yacht pulling out of the marina with beautiful native pink flowers and palm trees in the foreground.
Sunset behind Salinas de Janubio Sea Salt Mines on Lanzarote

Sustainable superyacht destination

Now one of the most important topics within the superyacht community, sustainability is rightly at the forefront of all conscientious sailors. You will be pleased to know that in 2015 Lanzarote was the first destination to receive Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification as fully sustainable destination. UNESCO declared the entire island a Biosphere Reserve back in 1993 and since then it has been a passion for all people of the island to preserve and protect their wonderful home.

The eco-friendly culture really is ingrained into daily life on the island. You will be offered sustainable alternatives to most throw away items, provisioning can be done with minimal packaging, and for those yachts staying a while for a refit or repair, there is no better place to research and find materials that sit well with your own green policies.

Water sports and keeping fit

If like most yacht owners and crew you love being in the water as much as you love being on your yacht, you will be pleased to note that Lanzarote is particularly exposed to Trade Winds on the north eastern side. Kitesurfers, windsurfers and regular surfers flock to the island to take advantage of the swell that gives the island some of the best watersports conditions in the world.

The numerous awe-inspiring but luckily extinct volcanoes that leap from the centre of the island also provide shelter from the Trade Winds and offer fantastic running and cycling conditions throughout the year. For those of you that like to head out for an early morning or post work run, we bet there are few landscapes that would beat these trails!

Kite boarders with a white board and red kite off the coast of Lanzarote catching air.
Several young people trying the wine in the wine room at Vino Cata.

Gastronomy and wines

Lanzarote has been influenced by many different cultures and this can certainly be observed in the food. Superyacht owners, charter guests and crew will find Spanish and South American dishes intertwined with traditional berber recipes and elegant Mediterranean flavours.

Highly curated Bib Gourmand restaurants blend seamlessly with traditional favourites that focus on locally sourced, organic ingredients and delivering simple dishes that are all about the taste and less about the ceremony.

The local white wine is truly outstanding and really must be tasted. The volcanic soil brings a uniquely fertile taste and the island has a number of hugely successful vineyards. The local cheeses compliment this wonderfully and are a delicacy in their own right. Delicious craft beers are a recent development with several emerging breweries creating beers each with their own personalities.

UNESCO protected landscape

Lanzarote was the first entire island to be recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, including all its towns and villages. Art and nature are seen as partners and the landscape is revered by every one that lives on the island with strict laws around building heights and styles.

The island has been innovative in its approach to protecting the Biosphere, safely integrating art installations that pay homage to their natural surroundings and enhancing the beauty of the panorama. Huge areas of the island are protected and there are phenomenal guided walks and tours that can take you into a landscape that almost seems otherworldly.

Old stone bridge over stunning blue ocean to Castle San Gabriel Arrecife Lanzarote