Month: March 2022

5 Unique Experiences For Yacht Charter Guests

Lanzarote is the perfect sailing destination for yacht owners and charter guests seeking an opulent and memorable getaway. The island offers its guests a plethora of exciting and educational activities, from touring enhanced volcanic tunnels to diving 30 metres below sea level in a commercial submarine! Charter guests are given the opportunity to explore Lanzarote’s beautiful natural attractions, without missing out on any of the luxury or high-level services.

So what are you waiting for?

Read on to discover 5 unique experiences for yacht owners and their charter guests visiting Lanzarote.

Kitesurfing & Watersports

Lanzarote has the perfect conditions for those looking to ‘ride the wave’ as well as sail it. In fact, with consistent summertime trade winds and warm temperatures year-round, there are several great spots for kitesurfing, including Famara Beach, Playa Honda & Las Salinas.

Thanks to the range of professional coaches available for private and/or group sessions, Lanzarote is suitable for both experienced kitesurfers and beginners alike. There is even a specific area of the beach dedicated solely to kitesurfing. Equipment such as kitesurf boards and kitesurfing kites are easily accessible and can be purchased or rented from one of the many kitesurf shops, including the Lanzarote Kitesurf shop. Guests are also free to bring their own kitesurfing equipment. The island is a 30-minute drive from coast-to-coast, making it easy and time-efficient for watersports enthusiasts to follow the wind throughout the day.

Jameos De Agua

Jameos De Agua was formed after the eruption of Volcán de La Corona around 25 ka BP and is dubbed the “8th wonder of the world” by Hollywood star, Rita Hayworth, and the place where “nature and man embrace” according to locals. Thanks to the enhancements from the late Spanish artist, Cesar Manrique, Jameos De Agua is now a venue for art & culture, representing the pinnacle of nature and artistic expression. Jameos De Agua also features a world-renowned auditorium, with unique geological and acoustic characteristics, as well as Lanzarote’s endemic ‘blind crab’ species and the geological museum, Casa de la volcanes.

Superyacht owners can rent out all of Jameos Del Agua for private or corporate events, where they and their charter guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake from the tunnel, a culinary experience curated by some of the most renowned chefs in the Canary Islands and live music can also be arranged for on-board entertainment.

Wine Tasting & Volcanic Vineyard Tours

Lanzarote is known all over the world for its distinctly-flavoured wine that is produced on the island. The exceptional taste is the result of the year-round tropical climate and fertile volcanic soil, which gives the wine a unique flavour and makes it stand out from any of its competitors worldwide.

For those who are interested in an authentic Lanzarote wine tour, the region of La Geria is the perfect destination to explore. Due to historic volcanic activity creating an extreme environment in the region, innovative systems have been developed and put in place to ensure the continued production of wine. This has resulted in the formation of some exceptional flavours and wines, including Yaiza, 2020 which is dry, crisp and fresh, with citrus, tropical and floral notes, all underlain with volcanic minerality and a touch of sea salt. 

Yacht owners and their chartered guests can experience a full tasting menu, in the company of expert sommeliers in the award-winning centennial vineyards.  Visitors may also visit one of Lanzarote’s other beautiful wineries, including Bodegas Rubicon, Bermejo, La Florida and Bodega El Grifo, Lanzarote’s oldest winery, at 244 years old. Lanzarote produces a range of wine types, including white, rose and red, but the most highly regarded by wine lovers is the sweet, aromatic white wine that comes from the volcanic malvasia, a very high-quality grape. Wine lovers have travelled from all over the world to sample its unique flavours.

Craft shops & Boutiques

Guests looking to do some high-end shopping in Lanzarote will have access to the Thin Line Boutique, home to some of the finest luxury brands on the island, including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Moncler

There are boutiques located in each of Lanzarote’s three superyacht marinas, dedicated to providing a high level of service. Personal shoppers are available, as is a luxury car service to deliver all newly-purchased items to the guests on their superyachts, at their homes, or even at their next destination.

Deep-Sea Diving Tours

As well as exploring the beautiful landscapes,  Lanzarote offers yacht owners and their charter guests the opportunity to dive deep beneath it with one of Lanzarote’s thrilling & long-standing diving companies.

For over 35 years, divers have been visiting Playa Chica Beach in Puerto del Carmen for the world-class, award-winning, diving instructors & perfect diving sites. Transport is arranged and diving equipment is provided, so the only thing charter guests need to focus on is having a good time!

Inexperienced/beginner divers are welcome in the clear, shallow water and the reef is suitable for follow-up courses like Advanced, Rescue & Specialty diving courses. Courses are also offered in a range of languages including English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Lanzarote is a beautiful, luxurious island, offering its guests the opportunity to interact with both the opulence that it provides and a unique variety of interactive activities. Whether it’s touring vineyards and sipping exceptional wine, exploring the deep sea, shopping at the most luxurious brands on the island, or visiting the beautifully enhanced volcanic tunnels, Lanzarote surely has everything yacht owners need to entertain themselves and their charter guests.